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Abraham Lincoln Hs
Acorn Comm Hs
Acorn Hs For Social Justice
Automotive Hs
Bard Hs Early College
Beginning With Chldrn Charter School
Benjamin Banneker Academy For Comm Dvlp
Borough Academy-brooklyn
Boys & Girls Hs
Brooklyn (frederick Douglass) Litera
Brooklyn College Academy
Brooklyn Comp Night Hs
Brooklyn Hs - Arts
Brooklyn Intntl Hs
Brooklyn Learning Ctr
Brooklyn Studio School
Brooklyn Tech Hs
Bushwick Hs
Canarsie Hs
Clara Barton Hs
Clearpool Charter School
Cobble Hill School For American Stud
Comm Partnership Charter School
District 15 Collaborative Hs
Dr Susan S. Mckinney School Fo The A
East Ny Family Academy
East Ny Technical Hs
Ebc For Public Service-bushwick
Ebc School For Public Service-eny
Edward R. Murrow Hs
El Puente Academy For Peace & Justice
Erasmus Academy Of Science And Math
Erasmus Hall Campus Hs For Business
Erasmus Hall Campus Hs For Humanitie
Fort Hamilton Hs
Franklin D. Roosevelt Hs
Franklin K. Lane Hs
Freedom Academy
George W. Wingate Hs
George Westinghouse Voc & Tech Hs
Harry Van Arsdale Hs
Hs Of Enterprise Business & Tech
Hs Of Legal Studies
Hs Of Telecommunications
Hs Redirection
Is 14 Shell Bank Is
Is 30
Is 33 Mark Hopkins Is
Is 43 Reynolds Is
Is 49 W.j. Gaynor Is
Is 55
Is 62 Ditmas Is
Is 68 Isaac Bildersee Is
Is 71 Juan Morel Campos Is
Is 78 R. H. Mann Is
Is 96 Seth Low Is
Is 98-bay Academy
Is 117 F. S. Key Is
Is 162 Willoughby Is
Is 171 A. Lincoln Is
Is 187
Is 201 Dyker Hts Is
Is 211 J. Wilson Is
Is 218 J. P. Sinnott Is
Is 220 J. J Pershing Is
Is 223 Montauk Is
Is 227 E. B. Shallow Is
Is 228 David A. Boody Is
Is 232 Winthrop Is
Is 234 W. A. Cunningham Is
Is 239 Mark Twain School - Gifted &
Is 240 A. Hudde Is
Is 246 Walt Whitman Is
Is 252 Arthur Somers Is
Is 259 William Mckinley Is
Is 271 John M. Coleman School
Is 278 Marine Park Is
Is 281 Joseph B. Cavallaro Is
Is 285 Meyer Levin Is
Is 291 Roland Hayes School
Is 292 Margaret S. Douglas School
Is 296 Halsey Is
Is 302 Rafael Cordero School
Is 303 Herbert S. Eisenberg School
Is 311 Essence School
Is 318 E.m. Dehostos Is
Is 347 School For Humanities
Is 349 School For Math Sci & Tech
Is 364 Gateway Is
Is 381
Is 383 Philippa Schuyler School
Is 391 Mahalia Jackson Is
James Madison Hs
Jhs 50 J.d. Wells Jhs
Jhs 113 R. Edmonds Learning Ctr
Jhs 126 J. Ericsson Jhs
Jhs 166 Gershwin Jhs
Jhs 258 David Ruggles Jhs
Jhs 275 Thelma Hamilton Jhs
John Dewey Hs
John Jay Hs
Lafayette Hs
Leon M. Goldstein Hs - Sciences
Metropolitan Corporate Academy
Middle College Hs At Medgar Evers
Midwood Hs
Ms 2
Ms 51 W. Alexander Ms
Ms 61 Gladstone Atwell School
Ms 88 P. Rouget Ms
Ms 136 Charles O. Dewey
Ms 142 Stranahan Comm School
Ms 143 School Of Perf & Fine Arts
Ms 266 Park Place Ms
Ms 267 Math Sci & Tech Inst
Ms 320 Jackie Robinson
Ms 340 North Star Academy
Ms 378 Carroll Gardens School
Ms 385 Business Finance & Entreprene
Ms 390 Maggie L. Walker School
New Utrecht Hs
Outreach Ctr
Pacific Hs
Paul Robeson Hs
Progress Hs
Prospect Hts Hs
Ps 1 Bergen School
Ps 3 Bedford Village School
Ps 4
Ps 5 Ronald Mcnair School
Ps 6
Ps 7
Ps 8 Robert Fulton School
Ps 9 Teunis G. Bergen School
Ps 10 Louisa M. Alcott School
Ps 11 Purvis J. Behan School
Ps 12
Ps 13 Roberto Clemente School
Ps 15 Patrick F. Daly School
Ps 16 Leonard Dunkly School
Ps 17 Woodworth Es
Ps 18 Edward Bush School
Ps 19 Roberto Clemente School
Ps 20 Clinton Hill School
Ps 21 Crispus Attucks School
Ps 22
Ps 23 Carter G. Woodson School
Ps 24
Ps 25 Eubie Blake School
Ps 26 Jesse Owens School
Ps 27 Agnes Y. Humphrey School
Ps 28 The Warren Prep School
Ps 29 John M. Harrigan School
Ps 31 Samuel F. Dupont School
Ps 32 Sprole School
Ps 34 Oliver H. Perry Es
Ps 36
Ps 38 The Pacific School
Ps 39 Henry Bristow School
Ps 40 George W. Carver School
Ps 44 Israel Putnam School
Ps 45 Horace E. Greene School
Ps 46 Edward C. Blum School
Ps 48 Mapleton School
Ps 52 Sheepshead Bay School
Ps 53
Ps 54 Samuel C. Barnes School
Ps 56 Lewis Latimer School
Ps 58 Carroll School
Ps 59 William Floyd School
Ps 65 The Little Red School House
Ps 67 Charles A. Dorsey School
Ps 72 Annette P. Goldman School
Ps 73 Thomas Boyland School
Ps 77
Ps 81 Thaddeus Stevens School
Ps 84 Jose De Diego School
Ps 86 Irvington School
Ps 89-cypress Hills Comm School
Ps 90 John J. Loftus School
Ps 91 Albany Ave School
Ps 92 Adrian Hegeman School
Ps 93 William H. Prescott School
Ps 94 The Longfellow School
Ps 95 Gravesend School
Ps 97 Highlawn School
Ps 99 Isaac Asimov School
Ps / Is 41 Walter F. White School
Ps / Is 284 Lew Wallace School
Ps / Is 298 Dr. Betty Shabazz School
Ps / Is 323
Ps / Is 332 Charles Hamilton Houston
Ps 100 Coney Island School
Ps 101 Verrazano School
Ps 102
Ps 104 Fort Hamilton School
Ps 105 Blythebourne School
Ps 106 Edward E. Hale School
Ps 107 John W. Kimball School
Ps 108 Sal Abbracciamento School
Ps 109
Ps 110 Monitor School
Ps 112 Lefferts Park School
Ps 114 Ryder Es
Ps 115 Canarsie School
Ps 116 Elizabeth L. Farrell School
Ps 119 The Amersfort School
Ps 120 Carlos Tapia School
Ps 121 Nelson A. Rockefeller School
Ps 123 Suydam School
Ps 124 Silas B. Dutcher School
Ps 127 Mckinley Park School
Ps 128 Bensonhurst School
Ps 130 The Parkside School
Ps 131
Ps 132 The Conselyea
Ps 133 James A. Butler School
Ps 134
Ps 135 Sheldon Brookner School
Ps 137 Rachael Jean Mitchell School
Ps 138
Ps 139 Alexine A. Fenty School
Ps 140
Ps 141
Ps 145 Andrew Jackson School
Ps 146 Brooklyn New School
Ps 147 Issac Remsen Es
Ps 149 Danny Kaye School
Ps 150 Christopher School
Ps 151 Lyndon B. Johnson School
Ps 152 Glenwood Road School
Ps 153 Homecrest School Of Music
Ps 154 The Windsor School
Ps 155 Nicholas Herkimer School
Ps 156 Waverly School
Ps 157 Franklin School
Ps 158 Warwick School
Ps 159 Pitkin School
Ps 160 William T. Sampson School
Ps 161 The Crown School
Ps 163 Bath Beach School
Ps 164
Ps 165 Ida R. Posner School
Ps 167 Parkway School
Ps 169 The Sunset Park School
Ps 170 Lexington School
Ps 172 Gowanus School
Ps 174 Dumont School
Ps 176 The Ovington School
Ps 177 Marlboro School
Ps 178 St Clair Mckelway School
Ps 179 The Kensington School
Ps 180 Homewood School
Ps 181 John Steptoe School
Ps 183 Gen. D. Chappie James School
Ps 184-newport Street School
Ps 185
Ps 186 Dr. I. A. Gladstone Es
Ps 188 Michael E. Berdy School
Ps 189 Lincoln Terrace School
Ps 190 Sheffield School
Ps 191 Paul Robeson School
Ps 192
Ps 193 Gil Hodges School
Ps 194 Raoul Wallenberg School
Ps 195 Manhattan Beach School
Ps 196 The Ten Eyck School
Ps 197
Ps 198
Ps 199 Frederick R. Wachtel School
Ps 200
Ps 202 Ernest S. Jenkyns School
Ps 203 Floyd Bennett School
Ps 204 Vince Lombardi Es
Ps 205
Ps 206
Ps 207 Elizabeth G. Leary School
Ps 208 Elsa Ebeling School
Ps 209 Margaret Mead School
Ps 212 Lady Deborah Moody School
Ps 213 The New Lots School
Ps 214 Michael Friedsam School
Ps 215 Morris H. Weiss School
Ps 216 Arturo Toscanini School
Ps 217
Ps 219 Kennedy-king School
Ps 221 Tossaint L`ouverture
Ps 222 Katherine R. Snyder School
Ps 224 The Old Mill School
Ps 225 Eileen E. Zaglin School
Ps 226 Alfred De Baron Mason School
Ps 229 Dyker School
Ps 230 Doris L. Cohen School
Ps 231
Ps 233 Langston Hughes School
Ps 235 Lenox School
Ps 236 Mill Basin School
Ps 238 Anne Sullivan School
Ps 241 Emma L. Johnston School
Ps 244 Richard R. Green School
Ps 245
Ps 247
Ps 249 Caton Ave School
Ps 250 George Lindsey School
Ps 251 Paedergat School
Ps 253 Ezra Jack Keats Intntl School
Ps 254 Dag Hammarskjold School
Ps 255 Barbara Reing School
Ps 256 Benjamin Banneker School
Ps 257 John F. Hylan School
Ps 260 Breuckelen School
Ps 261 Philip Livingston School
Ps 262 El Haj Malik Shabazz
Ps 268 Emma Lazarus School
Ps 269 Nostrand School
Ps 270 Dekalb School
Ps 272 Curtis Estabrook School
Ps 273 Wortman School
Ps 274 Kosciusko School
Ps 276 L. Marshall Es
Ps 277 Gerritsen Beach School
Ps 279 Herman Schreiber School
Ps 282 Park Slope Es
Ps 287 Dr. Bailey K. Ashford School
Ps 288 Shirley Tanyhill School
Ps 289 George V. Brower School
Ps 290 Juan Morel Campus School
Ps 295
Ps 297 Stockton School
Ps 299 Thomas W. Field School
Ps 305 Dr. Peter Ray School
Ps 306 Ethan Allen School
Ps 307 D. H. Williams School
Ps 309 George E. Wibecan School
Ps 312 Bergen Beach School
Ps 314 Luis Munoz Marin School
Ps 315
Ps 316 Elijah G. Stroud School
Ps 319
Ps 321 William Penn School
Ps 326
Ps 327 Dr. Rose B. English School
Ps 328 C. Phyllis Wheatley School
Ps 329 Surfside School
Ps 333
Ps 335 Granville T. Woods School
Ps 345 Patrolman R. Bolden School
Ps 346 Abe Stark School
Ps 361
Ps 368
Ps 369 Coy L. Cox School
Ps 370 Jim Thorpe School
Ps 371 Lillian L. Rashkis School
Ps 372 Children`s School (the)
Ps 373
Ps 375
Ps 376 Felisa Rincon De Gautier
Ps 377-alejandina Benitez De Gautier
Ps 380 John Wayne School
Ps 384 Frances Carter School
Ps 396
Ps 397 Foster Laurie Es
Ps 398 Walter Weaver School
Ps 399 Stanley E. Clarke School
Ps 721
Ps 753 School For Career Dvlpmnt
Ps 771
Ps 811 Connie Lekas School
Ps 931- Teen Aid School
Ps 932-community School For Comp Edu
Ps/is 35 Decatur Clearpool School
Ps/is 308 Clara Cardwell School
Samuel J. Tilden Hs
Sarah J. Hale Yabc
School For Intntl Studies
Sci Skills Ctr Hs
Secondary School For Law & Journalis
Sheepshead Bay Hs
South Shore Hs
Street Academy Hs
Thomas Jefferson Hs
W.e.b. Dubois Hs
William E. Grady Hs
William H. Maxwell Voc Hs
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